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Friday, 13 April 2012

Some new stuff

Just a short message to inform you that I now have Nickel silver eyelets and Gun metal eyelets, these will be standard. So 4 options in total for the eyelets. Black, Brass, Nickel Silver and Gun Metal.

I also have some sheaths of kydex in Infantery Green .

Good Weekend!

Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Hello everybody,

I finaly found a place of my own:
There you'll find all info bundled in a much more comprehensive package. It's still under construction, but already lots to see.
Go check it out!!

Thursday, 19 January 2012

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It's been almost a year since my last update. I planned on launching a website, but this will take more time then I figured, so let's do this slow blog-thing once more.
People are still wondering about my finger, but that has healed fine. My e-mail is working again, and I'm taking orders. I'm still back on a couple of handfulls, but these will be made as I go along and will hopefully all be made before summer.
I received a lot of fieldreports by users, and small things in my basic sheathdesigns has changed for the better. The corners on the technical kydex sheaths are a bit more rounded, and the backpiece design has a different spacing for the eyelets in order to accomodate the teklok in more positions. I still have to picture all the setups possible with this sheath, but that's something for the next update that will, hopefully, be on my new website to be.

Here's some pics of recent sheaths I did.

ESEE Izula 

 Scrapyard Regulator Bowie

Cold Steel SRK Pancake Kydex

The Krebbekx Junior Sheath
(the guy is really talented)
it has 2 IWB loops screwed to the sheath to facilitate horizontal or IWB carry.

Swamprat M9LE + Dangler

Leatherlined Kydex for Swamprat M6

Fällkniven Kydex with DC-4 stonepouch

New Concept Pouch for a Leatherman

Kydex with integrated holes for loop or teklok

This sheath has a leather beltloop that can be attached high or low. Without the beltloop it carries horizontal on the 2 straps. Kydex inside.

Technical sheath for Bravo-1 with a leather strap instead of the kydex backplate.

Fällkniven NL-5 "Idun"

Jordan Big Chief 

 Pouch for a Leatherman. It has removable loops for a sharpening stick and firesteel loop.

Bert's Sheath for his homemade fishingknife.
Boy, does that wood stink!

Technical Kydex for Busse Boss Street. This one has a cordura beltloop.
The whole sheath is modular and can be taken apart if you prefer the minimalistic approach. a teklok will fit directly onto the sheath, or onto the backpiece.

Technical sheath following the bladeshape. The kydex liner is removable.
On the backpiece a teklok could be fitted. The retentionstrap folds away and can be fastened in 2 positions.

Extrema Ratio Shrapnell OG with a small teklok.

Technical sheath with retentionstrap and teklok.
The pouch fits a DC-3 stone by Fällkniven and the firesteel loop is sized for the Light my Fire Army steel.

Modular Kydex for a knife by A. Jordan.
The modified tactie's screw to sheath and offer a very strong attachement to molle gear.

Leather sheath for Rock Creek Sable.
The beltloop can be postioned in multiple positions and allows for high, mid and low carry.

Copy of the sheath used in LOST.
Leather only with tooled front.

a video of a Bravo-1 sheath that recently appeared

Fällkniven S-1 with teklok and Light my Fire Army II steel.
Basicaly the technical kydex without the backplate & leather beltloop

Fällkniven A-1 and Ontario's SK-5 Blackbird.
Basicaly a stripped techsheath with only the loops. These screw to the sheath so can be turned around to switch sides.

Technical leather for the Böker Fox

BRK&T Bravo-1
With the beltloop attached to the topstrap only it carries low.

Fällkniven NL-5 Idun & TK-2


Fällkniven NL-3

Thank you for looking!