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Monday, 25 May 2009

Kydex for my Fällkniven

I decided to give my own Rubber Handled Falkies a new pair of Plastic Pants..

my A-1

Here's my S-1..
(the colour of the sheath is OD, but the white balance of the camera got off track a bit due to the intense orange background)

The S-1 and the are made of 0.08" kydex and the A-1 of 0.093". The brackets for the loops and loks are made of sturdy 0.125" kydex.
I made the opening assymetrical to make it wider for an easier aiming point
They all have drainage holes.
The different parts are pretty much interchangeable, so there are a lot of carry options.


UPDATE May 2010

In the meantime I stepped away from the assymetrical opening. I found that keeping it symetrical makes it more ambidextrous, and allows for a thumbpush on the spine of the sheath, which allows for a more comfortable and controlled draw.

Here are some pics of recent stuff in random order.

Fällkniven A-1 with ESEE Izula piggy

a set of drawer or desktop sheaths



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