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Friday, 27 June 2008


the Krebbekx knives by Toni Oostendorp.

This one is made from Finnish lappleather

This fits a Maxpedition single pouch.
entirely made of leather, the liner too.

Bandicoot, with a Kydex liner.

Fällkniven NL-5, Idun. Leather pouch with Kydex insert for retention. No strap needed.

Swamprat Hairy Carry

Fällkniven S-1 with original Zytel sheath as a liner

Kydex and Leather Howling Rat LM

Pouch with Kydex insert for Ratmandu

Fehrman pouch, with.. Guess what.. a Kydex liner too ..

Sheath for a Martindale Golok No.2. Riveted and sewn.

Howler & Chopweiler

Square sheath with liner made of Kydex

Fehrman Shadow Scout entirely wrapped in leather.
This sheath is very stiff and has a halftanned leather liner

Take it off your belt without loosening the belt

Scrapyard Bird Dog



Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Leather & Kydex for Swamprat Howling Rat (pics only)

Please check my Ratweiler sheath in the Blog Archive for the specs ..

Thanks for looking,