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Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Some of Everything, Fall 2009

Bark River Bravo-1

The technical Bushcraft model and one in 0.093" Kydex..

Technical model with added straps


One for the NMSFNO. The straps will take large Molle Loks.

The backplate can be removed to wear IWB or for high carry on a teklok.


Large version of the Technical Bushcraft, with a droploop. The backplate also takes a Teklok, and the horizontal carryloops take the large Molle-Loks.


Kydex for Fällkniven F-1

Ontario RAT-3

Rat Cutlery Izula

Rat Cutlery RC-5
This sheath is screwed shut, and can be reopened for cleaning.

Some of the New Concept Folder Pouch
Microtech LCC & Strider SNG

nice Trio of Fällknivens

WM-1. F-1 M, A-1

The Technical Bushcraft Sheath on the Koster Bushcraft Knife

Some more Kydex ..

I hope you like them ..
The next update will be extra interesting as I'm working on some very nice projects right now..
Stay Tuned!

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Sheaths, late summer, early fall 2009 ..

Pouch for a Scott Cook Lochsa
lined with soft veggie tanned, encased in tough and stiff halftanned leather..

a Dan Koster Bushcraft.

Busse ASH-1 LE, the good old Ratweiler pattern, with a somewhat different beltloop..

My first quality sheath in leatherlined kydex. It works like a charm!

there´s a SJTAC that agrees here..

a gorgeous Custom Hunter

Some Kydex for Izula and Scrapyard Scrapper 5

Technical Bushcraft Sheath.. paint it BLACK, and call it TACTICAL..

a Special One

This simple but effective pouch I made for wilderniss guide and instructor Stani Groeneweg: .

He works for the Discovery Channel as the survival expert and consultant on the Bear Grylls shows.

His knife is a modified Ontario TAK-1 in D-2 and he uses it on a daily basis in variety of environments. The pouch holds a Fallkniven DC-4 stone.

The sheath has a 0.08" kydex liner, and halftanned outers. Both sheath and pouch have a large drainage hole. There´s a comfortable shaped thumbpush.

Tally Ho!