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Monday, 7 February 2011

short update and sitrep

Some of you already know, but last week I had a small accident, resulting in a severely cut indexfinger. This needs a couple of weeks to heal which means I can't do leatherwork during that time. I can't apply enough force, and working with water is not a good idea yet. Yesterday I started doing kydex again, and though progres is slow, I finished a sheath. So this week I'll be concentrating on kydex only.

To make up for lost time I'll stop taking new orders for the next 6 weeks or so.

I also still have problems with my provider, and not all e-mails reach me like they should. Sometimes only a few for days, and then the rest all at once. I try to answer them all, but I'm sure I missed some, so if I missed you, please send them again.

Shipping notice:
Since januari 1 all packages over 500 grams shipped to the USA will undergo extra security checks which mean delays in delivery up to 4 weeks.
I understood this is a temporary measure.
Most sheaths are under 500 grams, but with a knife included most are over.
Also shipping rates and rules have changed. The rates for "Signed for" shipping have doubled, but insurance up to € 500,- is included standard now.

Sheath Review:
another nice review appeared, this time from Down Under. Check it out here:

Keep an eye on this blog for updates.