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Saturday, 9 May 2009

Recent Sheaths


This one for the Hill S.O.K. has a removable retentionstrap..

This one for the Fällkniven S-1 can be worn horizontally on the belt, or vertical using the loop.

A small leather pouch for a leftie. Lined with soft leather, and a an outer of tough halftanned.
The folder is made by Toni Oostendorp of Eastvillage Knives.

Some different versions of the Technical Sheath.

Here's one all leather with an integrated loop. there's a BRK&T Bravo-1 in it

This sheath for the Bandicoot by SRKW has a retentionstrap.

All leather technical sheath for the Fällkniven A-1.
Originaly it's supposed to have a kydex liner (that can be cleaned out this way) but this will work very well too, and is a bit softer on the soft laminated sides of the Fällkniven

The well proven Ratweiler pattern goes very well on the Busse NMSFNO.

It has it all: thick kydex, thick leather, swing away retentionstrap, double beltloop, drainage hole, the 'Cup', weather resistance, reliability and durability ...

+ extremely comfortable to use.. :)

Leather with a kydex insert for a very nice damascus utility blade who's handle matches the colours of natural leather perfectly..

Necker for a small homemade knife

one for the Kizlyar DV-2

one with a core of thick and soft halftanned, and an outer casing of thick and tough halftanned.
The recurve bowie was made by Dutch Bladesmith Erik Markman.

... and many more ..
Thanks for looking.

Have a nice Day !!



Noah said...

Beautiful work, sir!

Obsidian Rabbit said...

Martin, I really am impressed by your work. I've been following your blog for some time and I think I'll be waiting quite a while before my work is anywhere as good as yours.
Do you sell your sheaths? If so, I'd be interested in buying one of your technical sheaths for an F1.

Anonymous said...

Very impressive work, congratulations

best regards from Greece

Olle Thoors said...

Hello Martin,
Fantastic sheaths!
How can I buy a kydex sheath in camo or OD for the Fällkniven A1?

Martin Swinkels said...

Hi Olle,

send an e-mail to info ( at )

Thank you for your comment!