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Monday, 10 May 2010

Spring 2010

In my last update I said I would try to update the excisting pages, but I gave up on that. The Editor is a bitch to work with, and is clearly not designed for updates later on. Guess I have to find me some webspace and start a website. If you want to find specific work you can use the search my blog feature on top of the page, or the Blog Archive in the lefthand column.

In the meantime I'll do it the old fashioned way by just showing a selection of recent sheaths I did. Enjoy! 

Here's one in leatherlined kydex for a Busse Satin Jack.
It has loads of carry options and is fully teklok and molle compatible. The leather inside is deep waxed, but this needs to be treated as a leather sheath even though It has that kydex 'klack'.

Busse Warden
The droploop could be removed and replaced with a teklok or a G-clip. The kydex is sealed inside permanently.

Busse Meaner Street
With the droploop removed it's balanced for horizontal carry. The kydex is removable.

Busse Sarsquatch
My technical sheath with a split beltloop

Busse Tankbuster

Technical sheath with a set of horizontal straps that will take molle loks

Bob Dozier Professional Guide

ESEE, Rat Cutlery, Izula
a pocketsheath with removable kydex inners

alongside a technical sheath for the RC-4

Basic Bushcraft style Pouch for ESEE RC-4

Kabar Becker BK-9
alongside the ESEE RC-6

Fällkniven F-1
"semi-technical" sheath with fixed kydex inners and optimized for horizontal carry. The loop could be setup for high and mid carry. 

ESEE Izula

Swamprat Hairy carry

Scrapyard Regulator


Fällkniven WM-1
necksheath wirh velcro retentionstrap

ESEE, Rat Cutlery, RC-4

Andrew Jordan FOX
Designed to work screwed onto a pilots leg rig

Tha Basic Pouch

Some miscelaneous Leather and Kydex

the Activator 4
a tool used by therapists

a Lippa Tool and a pair of Van Staal pliers
as used by a Fisherman

a neckpouch for a Light My Fire Army Firesteel
also to be worn on a belt.

Lone Wolf Harsey T-2
a simple folder pouch

and Flashlights too..
O-Light M-20

That's it for this time folks.. I hope you enjoyed.

All the Best from the Low Lands,