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Sunday, 11 January 2009

Technical Bushcraft Sheath

I made a new model I’d like to hear your thoughts about..

The Technical Bushcraft Sheath

The idea was to make a sheath that is completely modular and can be set-up differently each time for any specific task. The sheath had to be strong, safe, reliable, weather-resistant and easy to use and maintain in the field. It should fit all kinds accessories and attachements one could need or want for a variety of uses. (paint it black and call it Tactical)

After some try-outs and prototypes I believe this one is good enough to show here.
I only have some crappy pics cause the lighting is dim and it’s freezing cold, but I will make better ones in the near future. It’ll give you the idea for now.

This is the basic sheath:

It has a halftanned leather pouch and a removable kydex liner. a Chicagoscrew secure’s the kydex inside the pouch. On the side there’s a row of eyelets that will fit all kinds of accessories.The kydex is light coloured to make visual inspection easier, and to have a clear aimingpoint when resheathing the knife. The kydex is cut under an angle to have a larger opening for resheating, and to have something to pull on when removing the liner.

It can be set-up with a large teklok in horizontal, vertical and canted positions.
It can be setup with a beltloop for high, med or low carry.

It'll fit the Blade-Tech molle loks.
It will fit all pouches in the Maxpedition style ‘Single Pouch’ or custom made pouches.
It has a drainage hole and a thumbpush (2010 models)

It has a very slim profile

The firesteelloop can be mounted inside or outside the sheath profile.

It can be carried horizontal on the belt using the loops.

It does show a lot of handle when carried horizontal, making it somewhat handleheavy.
Taking up the toploop like the sheath beneath compensates that.
This one is optimized for horizontal carry.

One pouch could fit multiple liners for different knives.
As an example. One pouch could fit liners for a series of popular knives like the Fällkniven F-1, or Rat Cutlery’s RC-4 + all other knives that, a bit more or less, have the same profile and length.

I hope you like it.
Comments are very welcome..



a year later this turns out to be one of my most popular models.
After making a lot of these the Technical Bushcraft sheath has evolved a bit further now, and some changes are made.

I don't do the wetformed droploop anymore as it influences retention too much. I now use a kydex backplate that takes either a droploop or a teklok. If you want only leather I can do a loop that fastems to the horizontal loops and could be setup for high and mid carry

another change is the opening of the sheath. Instead of an assymetrical opening I now focus more on having a comfortable thumb push.

I changed the set-up of the eyelets, and made it standard on all my sheaths. It makes for parts to be exchangeble and easy adjustments to other heights of carry..
Here's the new design for the Koster (but this could be almost any knife of the same size)

Andrew Jordan
these have a topguard, and an additional retentionstrap that folds out of the way when not needed

the eyelets on the back take molle loks

Busse NMSFNOthe invisible version
Here you see how the molle loks attach

another NMSFNO with molle eyeklets on both sides

this is how I'd like to do the thumbramp from now on..
Rat Cutlery (ESEE) Izula
with an iwb loop..

Bear Cub Grizzly
the pouch fits the Fällkniven DC-3 stone and could also be worn seperate on a belt.

Swamprat Howling Rat LM
no kydex backplate, but the loop instead..
to drop it, fix it to the toploop only

Ontario RAT-3
this one has a dangler loop added

Ontario RTAKII & Bark River Bravo-1

Andrew Jordan OPO

Fällkniven A-1

Bravo-1 again

Fällkniven S-1 and A-1 in standard configuration

SOG Seal 2000

Scrapyard Regulator

Big Recurve Nexus blade

The screw that secures the kydex sits near the opening, so the bladeshape can be followed.

Fällkniven S-1

Fällkniven F-1


This pretty much sums it up..
Off course there are a lot of variatons possible, but for those, check the Semi-Technical section

Take Care,


Obsidian Rabbit said...

That really is a beautiful piece of work!

JB Cline said...

I really like the technical bushcraft sheath. In fact I like all the work you've posted on this blog!