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Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Technical Kydex

After doing some Kydex for my own Fälknivens, I decided to dress up some other knives in Plastic. The Shiv came with an extremely shitty sheath, and I decided my Rat Cutlery Knives are worthy of a more customized sheathing system too..

The bracket will take both beltloop or a tek-lok.
I chose leather for the beltloop, as it has the right mix between stiffnes and flexibilitie. Where I find the teklok too stiff in some cases, and nylon webbing is too soft sometimes.

The foldover type of sheath will fit the Maxpedition Single pouch or the Blade-Tech pouch, made by Eagle Industries. The next model will have an adapter plate that takes a Malice Clip to attach a wider model pouch too. This plate could also be made too take molle loks or other systems

This was a good excercise in plastic bending.
Especially the use of the heatgun while forming of details like the thumbpush on the Shiv and the RC-3 sheath was a great experience, and worked out above expectation. Also the setting of the final retention on the RC-4 sheath was very easy..
The trick is to wrap a wet cloth around the sheathed knife, exposing only that part that you want to form. That way the rest of the kydex that is allready shaped well, won't become too hot,and loose it's form.
As always, comments are very welcome..

Some more examples and slight variatons on the Technical Kydex sheath
Fällkniven F-1

Rat Cutlery (ESEE) RC-3

Swamprat Hairy Carry

Bear Cub Grizzly

Extrema Ratio Shrapnell



Volclae Design said...

Martin, I absolutely love your work! Very clean lines and functional beauty!! I am a sheath maker as well and hope to someday be as well a designer/maker as you!

I have tried my hand at making sheaths for my knives in the tradition of your designs with little success, but im trying. Great work my friend! Thank you for the inspiration.


johnryan said...

I need a holster for a SRKW Hairy Carry, I like these technical kydex, I cant find a contact any where on the blog page. I would love to know how much these runand whether or not there is a waiting list.

Thanks John.

Anonymous said...


I just received my Rat Waki sheath. It is better than the pictures in your album. I am seriously jazzed and cannot wait to take it out camping. Thank you my friend, you are a master.

Anonymous said...

Hi Martin,

The sheath you made for my Busse Hell Razor is simply stunning.

I cannot wait to order more from you.

All the best