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Saturday, 27 March 2010

Update .. well.. sort of..

Hi everybody..
It´s been a while..
Instead of doing a regular update, showing my recent work I will concentrate the coming months in updating the excisting pages. Things got scattered around very much, and it's hard to get a decent overview of the models and styles I do.

I hope this will create a better overview as you'll find different mofeld of the same style on the same page. In the left hand column you'll find the links to the different pages.
This will take a while to complete, but I'll start today with the Technical Bushcraft and will update the excisting pages along the way the coming months.
I will concentrate on my basic models:

Leather & Kydex liner:
  • Classic (Ratweiler) style
  • Technical Bushcraft Modular sheath
  • Variants & inbetweens


  • Bushcraft & Survival (modular) style
  • Other styles

For now I´d like to show this Youtube review of one of my Bravo-1 sheaths:
+ some pics to make this ´update´ not a total bummer..

All the Best from the Low Lands,



Brend Model 2

Rat Cutlery Izula

Ontario RTAK II

La Huette

Jordan OPO


Fällkniven A-1 and S-1


Andrew Jordan Commander

Andrew Jordan Commander

Rat Cutlery RC-3

Scrapyard Yard Guard

Fällkniven F-1
these are prepared to take a maxpedition single pouch