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Monday, 2 March 2009

small update

Hello everybody..

I've received quite a few requests for the technical sheath, so I'll be very busy the next few months and waitingtime is currently up to 8 weeks.

I invested in some decent setters to do line 24 snaps on certain sheaths. I have also got me a bunch of snaps in black, brass and nickel. They are top-quality, and the only ones really suited for long term every day use.

I also got me some more patterknives, as I received multiple requests for those models, and I like them very much myself. Among them are the new Swamprat M9 LE, the new Busse NMSFNO, the Fällkniven A-1 and the Rat Cutlery RC-3. Most are still underway, but will arrive soon I hope.
Scheduled for late summer I'm high on the list for the new Koster 2009 Bushcraft production run.

I didn't make pics of all the sheaths I made, but here are a couple of popular ones I'd like to show.

Swamprat Ratweiler

Martindale Golok No.2

Benchmade Rukus

Trio for the Nexus Tito
Rat Cutlery RC-3 Basic Pouch

Neckers for the Fällkniven U-2
Fällkniven F-1 Basic Pouch, kydexlined


-still needs to take pics of the shop