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Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Sheaths, late summer, early fall 2009 ..

Pouch for a Scott Cook Lochsa
lined with soft veggie tanned, encased in tough and stiff halftanned leather..

a Dan Koster Bushcraft.

Busse ASH-1 LE, the good old Ratweiler pattern, with a somewhat different beltloop..

My first quality sheath in leatherlined kydex. It works like a charm!

there´s a SJTAC that agrees here..

a gorgeous Custom Hunter

Some Kydex for Izula and Scrapyard Scrapper 5

Technical Bushcraft Sheath.. paint it BLACK, and call it TACTICAL..

a Special One

This simple but effective pouch I made for wilderniss guide and instructor Stani Groeneweg: .

He works for the Discovery Channel as the survival expert and consultant on the Bear Grylls shows.

His knife is a modified Ontario TAK-1 in D-2 and he uses it on a daily basis in variety of environments. The pouch holds a Fallkniven DC-4 stone.

The sheath has a 0.08" kydex liner, and halftanned outers. Both sheath and pouch have a large drainage hole. There´s a comfortable shaped thumbpush.

Tally Ho!

1 comment:

Karl-Erik said...

Really nice sheaths you are making!
Pure craftmanship!