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Friday, 1 January 2010

Another mixed bunch in Leather and Kydex

H A P P Y N E W Y E A R !!
first update of the decade..
Recent Sheaths:
Incredible fit and finish on this first knife made by Jurgen Krebbekx from the Netherlands.
It was an honour to build a matching sheath. The inside is lined with signal red kydex.

Merkworx Goliath
Some crappy telephone pics put together, but you'll get the idea.
The sheath has a soft veggietanned inner, and a hard and stiff halftanned outers. On the front a sharpener.

A Droppoint Hunter by Andrew Jordan.

a couple more for the Dan Koster Bushcraft knife.

The same model sheath on the Busse Tankbuster and the Rat Cutlery RC-6.
It has a fixed kydex liner. Also another "Owl" for the Izula.

Rat Cutlery RC-3

Semi Technical Leather with a fixed kydex liner.

New !!
In Stock!

Digi Camo Kydex in the following patterns.
Also limited available: Polar White and Ivory White.

All in rugged 0.093".

Some more recent kydex work:

Some examples of the Technical Bushcraft + Survival Sheath on the Fällkniven F-1 and the Rat Cutlery RC-3.

Extrema Ratio Shrapnell OG

The original sheath is improved and doesn't rattle anymore. They put a piece of foam like stuff in the bottom of the sheath that takes and imobilizes the tip of the knife.. Very nifty.. The sheath does blunt the edge very easily, so I had to make me a new one.

The retentionstrap can be screwed of, and both sheath and backplate take a teklok.



VAUGHN said...

hey Martin, i just found you and i love your sheaths.. i was wondering where i could buy one of your bravo-1 kydex+leather combination sheaths???? i want one badly??? please let me know.

Martin Swinkels said...

Please send an e-mail to, and I'll hook you up..

Bill Wayne said...

Martin, this is a great site! Not many sheath sites out there. I really like the bushcraft model sheath. Very well made and nice looking.

Dennis David said...


Any ideas on a Rapid Deployment Kydex sheath for an Emerson UTCOM CQC-11. I would want to wear it on a 1.75 inch belt in a horizontal position.


Martin Swinkels said...

Thanks guys, for the nice comments.
Shoot an e-mail to for more info and ordering.