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Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Internet and computer trouble

As a follow up on my last post things have gone really wrong now.
Not only has my provider been screwing around for like 6 weeks,  last week my laptop crashed beyond any form of recovery, and I lost all e-mails concerning ongoing and new projects.
My last backup dates 4 weeks back (Yeah.. I know.. I'm a dumbass)

Everybody who hasn't had a reply, please send your e-mail again. I'm back online since yesterday and will start answering mails as from today.

Another thing is that last month I lost my job, my car and my phone, and I had to spend some serious time regrouping. This will mean delays on most excisting orders.  To make up I will not take on any new orders during the month december.

I hope you understand..

Thanks, and All the Best from the Low Lands


In a couple of weeks I'll add some new pics..

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